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Welcome to BSM Installations

Getting the best out of your AV Devices

Our Services

TV Install

We help our lovely customers mount up their TVs on walls, Fireplace, ceilings or any desired location. Every customer is treated with respect and curtesy as we diligently work hand in hand to serve you with an affordable TV installation.

Media Room/ Projection

Media room installation is one of our specialties. We love the smile on your face as you watch your newly installed mega-screen with awe and trill.


Our duty is to see that you get the best for your money. Our services in this category ranges from AV receivers, in-wall speakers, out door speakers, projectors and projector screens etc

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Camera Installations

Whether it's to keep an eye on charlie on the yard, your new ferarri on the front port, the new nanny, your mega customers patronizing your store or you just want a clean view of your lovely environment. We got you covered, as we precisely place all your IP cameras in places you desire most.


We do commercial and residential home security surveillance.

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Image by Ibrahim Rifath
Image by Ibrahim Rifath

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Image by Rohan G

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Security Camera Video Surveillance
Security Camera Video Surveillance

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Image by Ibrahim Rifath
Image by Ibrahim Rifath

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Our Services
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About Us

Established in 2010.

BSM- installations has been serving the DFW since 2010. We have helped a lot of Texans get the best out of their Audio-Visual devices.

We service schools, offices, residential areas, churches, clinics, hotels, motels and many more

Our prices are also reasonable and affordable. We work with you to satisfy your needs

About Us


TV Installation 

Regular TV install  -                    99$  80$

Conceal wires in wall  -             50$

Creating new power outlet -    150$ 120$

Mounting TV over a Fireplace -(Extra 25$)

*****Additional $50 for brickwalls & 65inch and up*****

Camera Installation Without Cameras

4(four) cameras -         600$    400$

8(eight) cameras -       1100$    800$

12(Twelve) cameras-    1500$    1300$

16(Sixteen) cameras -  2200$    1800$

** Individual Cameras $100 a piece
NOTE:     Extra $100 for two story house**

Media Room/Home Theater Installation

AV receiver setup -                   75$

Calibration -                               100$

External Speakers -                   35$ each

In-wall Speakers  -                    50$ each

Ceiling projector mounting -  150$

Fixed projector screen -            150$

Pull Down projector screen -    75$

**Wiring of Media Room -  $100 per wire

Camera Installations With Cameras Provided

4(four) cameras -         1300$   

8(eight) cameras -       2200$   

12(Twelve) cameras-    3900$    

16(Sixteen) cameras -  5200$   

** Individual Cameras $150 a piece
NOTE:  Cameras are 4MP
Extra $100 for 6Megapixels Cameras 
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